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General Information

Welcome everyone in the Lucian Build. This is a place where you will learn all the important things to play the Lucian Build. This is a role-playing game, which a new player can play easily alone or with a team. In it you have to choose a champion and fight with your enemies.

1. Quick Reference for Lucian

Lucian Build Pro (A latest version the game)

lucian build pro

The latest version of the game that is lucian build pro. It offers some other extra features to you like extra damage, beat up the enemies by constant attacks. The offers like the team fight with new and extraordinary features are present in the probuilds lucian. It is one of the most playing multiplayer games right now. If you are fond of the multiplayer game then you definitely try it. The multiplayer fights in it are very excited and full of fun and climax.

Lucian Runes (A moving screen)

 Lucian Runes

Lucian runes are not a competitor in the game. It is just a screen, which comes during your fight with the minions of the enemies, enemy base, and the monsters of the forest. The interface of the game is little haunted. In all the way there is forest and castle in which it needs to get involved virtually suing its champion and do the fight with many enemies and the monsters in the jungle. In the lux runes you have to fight with the help of your character aka champion which you have bought from the by spending the gold.

In this champion attacks on the enemies with the help of its weapons which it has purchased from the inventory of the store. You can buy more weapons by giving them gold, which you have in the team fight.

Tips to play the lucian build

  • When you start the game, your team will appear in the fountain.
  • You start the game with some gold so you have to give that gold to the weapon inventory to get more weapons.
  • After that, you will be head to one of the three lanes that are Bottom, Medium, and Top.
  • These lanes are filled with the forest, shadowy area and with monsters.
  • You have to beat them all to get more gold, sweet bucks.
  • Each lane is guarded with a set of powerful creatures.
  • You will need to destroy your enemy to get into their base and take down their nexus.
  • To beat your enemies you have to stay behind your minions.
  • After beating your enemies, you will be rewarded by gold.

2. Lucian Build’s Overview

Lucian Build is very famous game, which is played in two variants that is single player and multiplayer. In it every games has its own champion, which fights with the enemies and beat them up. For the fight, you have various ultimate weapons that you have bought from the weapons store by giving them gold. Each fight a champion wins each time it gets the gold and buys the great weapons to beat the minions.

3. Lucian’s Strengths

  • High Mobility and Chase
  • Easy to use passive that increases the DPS.
  • Forgiving abilities in his skill shot and Q.
  • Synergizes with both common ADC item choices.
  • Gap/closer and escape, which is necessary when you are fragile.

4. Lucian’ s Weaknesses

  • It is squishy and weak too due to its design.
  • It is so much dependent on team peel and CC.
  • It is a balance target for RIOT.
  • It cannot carry the tanks.
  • He is a point and click hero that is why it is boring to play.

5. Lucian’s Role in the Current Era

In today’s time, the lucian build provides a great user interface to the gamers so that they can take the proper enjoyment of the game. Its scenarios in which dangerous forests, caves, mountains, rivers, animals and monsters resides challenges the champion to cross them and beat up their enemies. Lucian’s high mobility and chasing capability becomes its stronger among its competitors. It goes closest enough to its target and hits it.

Its lucian build pro gives so much features to the gamers. It is more powerful than its pre version. It offers the gamers extra damage and killing activities to beat the enemies. It is useful when you want play the multiplayer game with more features. This works well in this situation.

In the lux runes, you will get the great weapons for your fight by giving the gold. This makes you more powerful than others. You can get more and more gold by defeating your enemies.

6. Reading Further

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7. Change Log

  • We will update you further.

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