Lucian Guide: League of Legends Lucian Strategy Build Guide

Lucian Guide: League of Legends Lucian Strategy Build GuideHello and welcome to league of legends champion guide (Lucian Guide) featuring Lucian the purifier. Lucian is a marksman that excels in dashing around the battlefield and blasting enemies with his twin guns not only is this all perfect for wave clear but also great for finishing targets all.

Lucian Guide: League of Legends Lucian Strategy Build Guide


Lucian passive is light flinging whenever Lucian cast an ability his next attack is a double shot evolution kills a person with a spare shot the second will retarget someone else. Lucian q is Piercing light with this Lucian shoots a bolt of piercing light through a target dealing damage to them and all enemies behind. (For more on Lucian Build)

Lucian’s W is ardent blaze with this Lucian shoots on missiles explodes in star shape marking enemy Lucian gain movement speed by attacking marked enemies losing is relentless pursuit with this Lucian quickly dashes a short distance and lights on your attacks reduce the cool down of disability.

Lucian’s ultimate is the: Legion Alicia’s a torrent of shots from his weapon healing bonus damage to minions any form of CC will cancel this ability In no matter how Lucian blocks or dashes the bullets will always shoots in the same direction. [ You may want to know about Lucian Masteries]

Lucian Guide

Ability Sequence: Solutions those you are going to start Q take a second and then take W lakhs. You are going to Max Q first, Next E second and then Max W last and as always take our every time again.

Masteries:Solution masters you are going to want to take eyes and fury one and feast five and vampirism one in bounty hunter five and battering blows and then finally one in fervor battle move to the country taking five and savagery one in secret stash five and merciless and then finally one in dangerous game.

Runes:For Lucian’s Runes your first one start with nine attack damage marks, nine flat armor seals, and the nine flat matter is list and three attack speed quintessences.

Summoner Spells:Solution summoner spells you’re first going to take flash and then heal.

Items:Starting on for Lucian Should be Doren blade and a health pot. We first made Adam should be blade of the ruined King. 2nd is Berserkers Greaves 3rd is trinity force 4th is black Cleaver 5this Phantom Dancer and finally Lord Dominic’s regards.

Tactic and Tips:One good tip solution is always try to get the maximum amount of damage you can off which means timing our abilities right so you can land all your double shots and reduce the cool down of your E at the same time, so here you see we start with E use my double shot W double shot Q and then do my double shot to get some maximum amount of damage off. This allows you to brush out opponent and keep relentless pursuit off cool down.

Laning:With the early game with Lucian your main idea is to farm up for items just like any other ADC. However you can bring some good damage early on especially with a gang from your juggler when farming minions whenever you have to use your community or minions, try and line it up with the enemy ADC or support you can get an extra bit of poke on them as well. Once that adds up to enough gangs where you can cooler you can easily dash in and double chop them a few time to take them down and never be skinned with your alt. you keep the land you kill even if your target is above half L. [Make sure to know about Lucian Runes]

Team Fight:The team fight of Lucian is your main idea speeds- around the back line and getting people down and never really staying in the same place so that they can’t lock him down as long during a position to land those abilities and cast a double shot and you should be a- ok on mobility and speed and even better once you have some items that you can doing some real damage. The enemies will start running away after you blast them a couple times, so the name of your irreligious pursuit actually has meaning now.

Final thoughts: Conclusion of the solution is that he’s been one of my favourite ATC’s for a long time and just now he is finally back in meta, so if you are thinking of picking him up then I Highly recommend so because he easily won the best ATC’s right now. Not only that but dashing around with two pistols and just blasting people is a hell of lot of fun. So if you are looking for a running gun type of champion then I highly recommend Lucian for you to play.

So, I am sure your don’t need any other Lucian Guide. Want to add more values in this Lucian Guide? Just comment below whats your issues and what you want to know about Lucian Guide. We will surely hear and work on your issues.

Lucian BuildLucian Guide

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