Lucian Masteries

Lucian Masteries: Lucian’s a very mobile AD carry that has really good poke in lane as long as you can line his Q ability and hit something in front because it will have a 900 range.

He has a lot of burst damage due to its ratios and is passive in a very very strong mid game as long as you go for the youmuu’s build, you will get a really good early power spike and you’ll already start shredding armor with your second item- Black cleaver.

Lucian Masteries

He’s a pretty strong champion right now and he’s very very fun to play, but like everybody else he does have its cons. So 1st Lucian does have a mediocre late-game. Now of course he doesn’t fall off the edge of the world or anything but he’s not as strong as something like a Caitlyn or kog’maw in the later stages of the game.

His auto attack range has been very short as well. Sure he does have a pretty good range from his Q but he does have to hit something within 500 yards to get that 900 yard range.

He then bring absolutely no crowd control at all and he will rely on his other teammates doing that for him.

He’s also got some fairly big manna issues early on as well. If you are going for the Youmuu’s build then of course this will remain a thing throughout the game but if you are going for the essence river build then this won’t really be a problem for you. [All about Lucian Runes]

All about Lucian Masteries

For my masteries (Lucian Masteries) I like to go 18 ferocity and 12 cunning grabbing either fervor of battle or warlords bloodlust as my key stone mastery because of Lucian’s passive I usually like to go for fervor a battle here because it’s really easy to stack and you can get a lot of attack damage. If you are against a really hard matchup instead then you may want to take that warlords bloodlust just to increase your sustain so you can actually make it out of the lane phase. You do have the option of going 18 cunning and grabbing thunder lords decree as well but usually if I’m looking to increase my damage, I’ll go for fervor.

For my runes I like to go for attack damage Reds, armor yellows, a mix of magic resist and attack speed blues and attack speed squints. They attack damage from a Reds and attack speed from our blues and squints just adds a little bit of damage into our kit and really increase our trading and last- hitting. Then of course that armor and magic resist will give us some nice tanky stats so we’re not taking too much damage in the lane phase. If you were wanting to go for a full of Led bill then you may want to take the solid reds as well just to increase the damage you would be doing with that type of build. [Make sure to read Lucian Guide]

For your Summoners on Lucian you will want to stuck with the meta AD carry set up and grab flash and he’ll flash is easily the best summoner spell in the game and it gives you a very good aggressive and defensive option. As Lucian you can combine that mobility from your kit with your flash for some really solid positioning and hopefully get off some really good callings. He’ll then a really solid summoner spell as well because it can be used for baiting sustaining in team fights and even as escape. Since it does give you bonus movement speed when activated. [Know all about Lucian Build]

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