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Lucian Runes: Lucian Build is an online multiplayer game which can be played with the help of strategies which an individual player make during the team fight. Lucian build is a role playing game which is being played online with other players and Lucian build is all about attacking and damaging the enemies of the champion. Champion here is the main character through which game can put in action. The whole scenario of the game is like a jungle and castle in which a player needs to get involved virtually with the help of his champion and do fight with the minions of the enemies and the monsters in the jungle which come along the path.

So what are Lucian Runes?

It’s nothing else but the whole scenario of the team fighting which you as a player fight with the help of your character aka champion which you have bought from the store by spending gold which champion have earned during the runes.

Lucian runes have no specific definition but it’s a whole scene which occurs during the fight of your champion with the minions of the enemies and the monsters in the jungle and in the path which takes you to the enemy base.

In runes champion do have to attack the minions of the enemies with the help of the inventory which player bought from the store. To buy the inventory or weapons you as a player do need to have gold which can be earned in the team fights with the enemy’s minions.

Let me give you some basic details of the lucian runes:

You will start by using one champion from many. All of whom have unique strength and personality. Some are ranged marksman fighting their opponent from a safe distance or fighters who like to get up to their opponent’s faces. However you like to get things done there is a champion out there to match your style. During the game champion get stronger in two ways. The first of which is leveling up. At level 6 you can unlock your ultimate ability. Which can change the type of the game. [Must read about Lucian Masteries]

The 2nd way to get stronger is to buy items. Items are bought at the shop and your base using gold earned by killing enemies during a match. Once you bought an item, it goes straight to your inventory and you immediately gain its benefits, power etc. [A die heart fan of LOL games only understand Lucian Guide]

In the beginning of the game, you and your team will appear in the fountain. Which is a place where your champion arrive after dying.

The game will start with some gold in you virtual wallet. You can purchase items with the help of that.

In the lucian runes champion attack the enemy’s minions and leader. To safely beat your enemies you need to stay behind your minions. If you manage to take down your enemies than you will rewarded by gold.

A player should attack or damage only after getting enough health and power. Minions are computer controlled units that march landless down the all lane engaging any enemies in their path.

Your opponents are minion too and you do want to stop them. You will get experience when they die. When you managed to kill the leader of the enemy’s minions then you will earn the gold and you can have the use of gold which we have discussed above.

If you are in range of enemies minions without any of your minions around then you might get killed by the enemy’s minions. So beware of your position.

So the ultimate crux of the article is that runes are the battles that are fought between your champion and the opponent. [All about lol games – Lucian Build]

Lucian Build

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